In a nutshell

Cross Bosses—Generation 0—a collection of 8,040 unique, 1/1 ERC-721 standard NFTs generated with various body types, backgrounds, glasses, eyes, mouths, hats, accessories, and more.

Conceptually, they exist. But they also don’t exist until you mint them. Their base utility is the most precious utility of an NFT: happiness, verifiable ownership, provenance, flexing, community, and signaling.

Why be excited about this?

Joy First. Nothing More. Nothing Less.
Buy the toy for joy. Cross Bosses exist to delight. Do that first. Staking or any other fun utility we design is a cherry on top of a three-month long design production. Cross Bosses do not exist to make you money. They exist to be bossy.
NFT Staking
Enter NFT staking, a multi-chain NFT staking platform that may be used for staking Cross Bosses—or any other NFT collection for that matter—for ERC-20 or EVM compatible assets. In short, we’ve developed audited smart contracts that allow anyone to stake an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 and receive either one or multiple ERC-20’s as an incentive.
NFT Mint Drop: Cross Bosses, Generation 0
Cross Bosses are tribal. They are generational. Boss Gen 0 from the West may or may not feel like it’s a good time to play with Boss Gen 0 from the East. Boss Gen 0 from the South may be besties with Boss Gen 0 from the North. Dunno—that depends on you, tbh—tribalism unfolds as users mint Cross Bosses, acquire and sell Cross Bosses, and form friendships based on their mutual love of Cross Bosses.

You are Cross Bosses. You make Scene Four.
Go Outside. Share Your World.
We’ve all been inside a little too long. It’s time to change that and build something that allows people to go outside with their Bosses. We’ve started to design interative packs that reward leaving home and thinking of new ways to bring Cross Bosses from the screen to real world environments.
AR: Cross Bosses Augmented Reality Packs
AR. Metaverse.
Concepts of mixing reality with the online world.
Concepts of delight and being unsure if you’re interacting with a Cross Boss or its representation in the real world emerge.
Your Cross Boss appears in your room, on your head, on your computer screen, in a staking pool, on a watch face, in a merch shop, it’s yours. How will you use it?

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